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We sell and deals rentals in real estate also export zara style cloths to world. Best for girls. Turkey is a beautiful country.
you can see it on the map.
ITS FAMOUS CITY IS. Tukeys language is Turkish but they speak more languages.
you can fine different cultures like India, who speak Hindi.
Afghanistan, Iranians, who speaks Persian, Farsi, Pashto,
and Syrians who speaks Arabic. there are other nationals like German, Russians, Pakistan nationals. Its flag is red color,
It is whether is very nice.
you can buy delicious sweets. they are stuffing it from dried foods.
you can find here nice foods like burgers and brine.
The most famous t.v station for news is TRT and Haberler.
Erdogan is the president of Turkey. HE brought real democracy to Turkey.
you can watch o’ses or oses program on Television.
Pegasus airlines are very good and cheap. The time zone is +3.
Turkey was not affected by a covid-19 corona virus ( coronavirus )
Izmir is the third largest city where you can visit free parks.
The city of business and online course or courses and education, Ankara is the city where you can find loveliest people who are talking by Urdu.
If you are travelling inside city. you must have to translate your language.
how to go on boat.it is very cheap.

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